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What is an appropriate gift for your child’s teacher at the end of the year? How much should you spend on a teacher? Here are six gift ideas and a poll.

1. Buy a group gift card with other parents to one store like Target, a department store, mall, or another multi-purpose retailer that gives the teacher options for how to spend it. Each parent can contribute as much as they like.

2. Buy them flowers that they can toss later. The teacher will enjoy them and not worry about accumulating more stuff.

3. Have parents email photos of each child and put them into a photo book (Snapfish and MyPublisher are two options and both often have coupon codes).

4. Give cash. Stuff the bills into a card, of course.

5. Have your child write a note about what they appreciate about the teacher. If other students can contribute, great!

6. Create a gift basket themed around the teacher’s hobby or upcoming event. If you know the teacher is moving into a new home, collect items s/he will find useful in the move. If the teacher loves to garden…you get the idea.

To vote in a poll about how much you are spending on your child’s teacher, visit

The end of the school year is approaching. How much should you spend, and why?

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