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Does your child experience insomnia, nightmares or bedwetting? Is he or she anxious or depressed? Angry or aggressive? Do they lack self-confidence and self-esteem?

Perhaps all they need is a good night’s sleep.

DreamChild Adventures™ audio programs, by psychiatrist Dr. Tom Jackson, have helped countless children achieve deeper relaxation and sounder sleep, conquer a host of sleep-related issues, and even build confidence and self-esteem. Backed by nearly $2 million in research-tested methods and technology, and utilizing a recording technique called 3D Living Sound, these downloadable (and on CD) journeys are brought to life in a way that has only been imagined…until now.

These entertaining and spellbinding audio adventures place the children themselves directly in the story – center stage – immersing them in hyper-realistic natural settings and gently and playfully guiding them toward more restful nights and relaxation.

To provide an even deep understanding of sleep disorders in children, Dr. Jackson has authored DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep, which contains a wealth of information designed to support and supplement the DreamChild™ Adventures audio programs.

Dr. Jackson has included fourteen clinical interviews, which follows one or more children who suffered sleep problems, but who subsequently benefited from using the DreamChild™ Adventures audio programs. Each interview with the children’s parent, guardian, or therapist is broken up into two basic sections – a “before,” describing problems the children experienced prior to using the programs and an ‘after,’ relaying one or more follow-up interviews conducted several days, weeks, or months later, detailing the improvements the caretakers noticed after use of the programs.

In this in-depth resource, Dr. Jackson also explores many traditional treatments for children’s sleep problems and anxiety-related issues, including behavioral interventions and situations requiring medical attention. He even discusses adult use of these children’s programs.

“I hope to provide you with a deep understanding of the problems these audio programs and this companion guide can be used to treat, as well as related benefits that may be achieved,” says Dr. Jackson. “By showing you specific and often sweeping changes these children underwent through their experiences with the programs, my aim is to give you confidence in their potential usefulness and to inspire you to use them with any child in your life who you believe may benefit.”

Showcasing a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep provides an introduction to common and not so common childhood problems including:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Bedwetting
  • “Nature-Deficit Disorder”
  • Nightmares
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Spanking
  • Children of Divorce
  • Academic Performance
  • And much more!

Give your child the gift of quality sleep,” adds Dr. Jackson, “and give a gift that will benefit him or her and your whole family for a lifetime!”

Dr. Tom Jackson is a psychiatrist who has specialized in the treatment of sleep disorders and anxiety for the past thirty years. His unique therapeutic audio programs originate in his background as a recording engineer, therapist, musician, poet and environmental biologist. He is currently Medical Director of a public mental health clinic and in private practice. He treats both children and adults utilizing traditional and alternative modalities alike. He graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and did his internship and psychiatric residency training at the University of California, Irvine.

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DreamChild™ Adventures audio programs can be purchased from DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep will be published in August 2012 and will be available from and through all major booksellers.

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