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Calling all grandparents! Whether you’re childproofing your home for a visit from the grandkids or you’re looking for the perfect three-year-old birthday present for your grandson, One Step Ahead has you covered! From safety to travel to toys to clothes, grandparents are sure to find unique tips and exclusive product picks to help make life with the grandkids easier, safer and more fun!

“We aim to help simplify life for grandparents by providing top-notch resources and products to help them stay connected to their grandchildren,” said Jennifer Smith, VP of Merchandising. “We offer a trusted, one-stop-shop for all grandparents’ needs, and we plan to continue expanding our extensive offerings to this group as we move forward.”

At One Step Ahead, grandparents can rest assured they are receiving the best product selection and customer service available. All One Step Ahead products are tested by actual parents from their extensive, nationwide Parents Panel so they’re guaranteed to stand the test of time. And, when they can’t find products that meet their standards, their in-house design team creates their own exclusives! They also offer a price match & lifetime guarantee so customers are guaranteed to get the best price on products that will last.

Visit for a full product selection, and check out their Grandparent Pinterest boards in categories such as:

— Sleepover at Grandma’s
— Childproofing the Home for Grandkids
— Birthday Presents for the Grandkids
— Cooking with Grandma
— Setting Up a Nursery at Mimi and Papa’s
— Welcome Home Grandbaby!
— Traveling with the Grandkids

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