8 Celebrities You Don't Want As Babysitters

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From Our Friends at Momversation.com

Just because a celebrity might be a good singer, dancer, or actor doesn’t mean she would be a good babysitter.  In fact, some celebs would be downright terrible.  Here are 8 annoying celebrities we’d wouldn’t let touch our children with a ten-foot pole.

8. Lindsay Lohan


You wouldn’t want Lindsay to drive your child to school, let alone sit your daughter.  She’d dress her up in leggings, slather her in self tanner, and take her for drinks at Chateau Marmont.



7. Paris Hilton


You’d come home to your child dressed in a Chrome Bones Tee stuffed in a Louis Vuitton dog carrier.



6. Naomi Campbell


She’d discipline your children by throwing phones at them.  Plus, you’d have to pay her $10,000.



5. Courtney Love


"Wait, I was supposed to be watching kids?  F**k.  Sorry man, but I gotta get to my plastic surgeon, I mean, rehab.  No, I mean my plastic surgeon.  F**k, man.  Wait, what were we just talking about?  Yeah, I did heroin when pregnant, so?"

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