By Kerri Geringswald

Niki Taylor, 33, and her hubby, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar, should be hearing the pitter patter of little feet soon! The couple is expecting a baby girl in March.

While this will be the third child for Taylor (she has 14-year-old twin boys from her previous marriage), this is the first for Lamar. They have both been reported as saying it was not an easy journey to parenthood, and Taylor has revealed it took them over 18 months to conceive.

“Every month it wasn’t happening, I was feeling more frantic. I needed to stop thinking about it — everybody was telling me this, including my doctor. I was so frustrated and worried,” said Taylor. Lamar added: “Once we stopped worrying about it, we were blessed with a baby.”

With her mom’s supermodel looks and dad’s racing ability…all we can say is, watch out Danica Patrick!

Celeb Baby Bump: Niki Taylor

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