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Ethan Hawke and wife Ryan Shawhughes sure know how to keep a secret! Hawke, 40, and Shawhughes welcomed daughter Indiana several weeks ago without the press finding out.

On August 5th Indiana was spotted out and about with her proud parents in New York City at the restaurant La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel. An observer told the NY Post that Ethan Hawke “…was introducing the kid to the other people at his table and staff and other people in the restaurant.”

Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes, who married in June 2006, are parents to daughter Clementine Jane, 3. Hawke has a daughter Maya, 13 and son Levon, 9 with ex-wife Uma Thurman.

Hawke, who once stated that fatherhood was “the greatest pleasure in my life,” is obviously thrilled about the new addition.

Ethan Hawke will appear in the upcoming remake of Total Recall and The Woman in the Fifth with Kristen Scott Thomas.

The actor welcomes his newest addition.

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