Gwen Stefani Dishes on New Tour & Quirky Baby Names

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Ask Gwen Stefani what she’s been doing the last few years and her answer is an obvious one: “I’ve been making babies!” In a new interview with Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning, the mom of two says that her laid-back lifestyle since completing her last tour is about to head down a new path as she and her husband, singer Gavin Rossdale each gear up for their world tours.

Coincidentally the same age as his older brother when he traveled the world during Gwen’s Sweet Escape tour, 6-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock will be along for the ride and the proud mama is worry-free when it comes to her “sweet, chunky” baby boy. However, the same does not ring true for 2 ½-year-old Kingston James McGregor! “King has [a] really big opinion about what we do, so we’ll figure it out,” she shares. “We’ll pretty much be going to all the zoos and different places on our days off.” Although thrilled to take her boys with her, Gwen laughs that sometimes she finds herself longing for the old days!

  “Some days I miss the old selfish touring days where you just sleep all day, but those days are gone. I just need to accept it!”

Planning the tour “on a whim” following being “cooped up” during her pregnancy, Gwen admits that she is yet to gain back her body before baby. Having gained “definitely way more than with Kingston,” the 39-year-old says that shedding the pounds has been “a million times harder” the second time around. “I had all these plans that I wasn’t going to get fat this time, but you don’t have control over it,” she explains. What’s Gwen’s secret to looking fabulous in the No Doubt promotional ads for the tour? Planning ahead!

  “We shot that right when I got home [from my Sweet Escape tour] because I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to get pregnant right now so you better take a picture of me. Capture this moment because I look good!”

Asked about her baby boy’s unusual moniker, Gwen references Zuma Beach, Calif., a location “really close to where we live.” Pressed further for an explanation, asking if Zuma was in fact conceived on the sandy shores, the songstress can’t help but laugh. “Yeah, we’re doing it on the public beach, dude. The paparazzi!”

According to Gwen, the idea actually came from fellow No Doubt member Tom Dumont, whose wife Mieke happened to be expecting a baby at the same time. In lieu of working on their record, Gwen laughs that the two were swapping name choices when the name Zuma popped up for Tom and Mieke. ”I kind of stole it from him…I didn’t steal it, I mean his wife didn’t want it,” she says. “It was just one of those things that just happened. I just wanted [Zuma] to have a little bit of a quirky name.” (For the record, Tom and Mieke chose Rio Atticus for their second son, now 9 months.)

Gwen Stefani Dishes on New Tour & Quirky Baby Names

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