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From art museums to dingy dressing rooms, movie marathons on the bus to summer music festivals in front of thousands, Gavin and Kingston Rossdale have seen it all – together.

“It’s been a really bonding experience,” Rossdale tells PEOPLE of taking his son, 3, on the first leg of his U.S. tour. “He likes hanging out. He’s so natural, so easy.”

Rossdale, who is on the road until June 7 in support of his album Wanderlust, has found a happy balance between his home and work lives. “I love playing shows. It makes for a dynamic life,” says the British rocker, 43. “If Bob Marley could have a wicked home life and 14 children and then go out and play, why can’t I?”

As for how to handle parenting on the road, Rossdale adds: “For anyone who has kids, you bring them along in your life and they adapt to where you’re at. You keep them fed and rested and pay lots of attention to them and they’re fine.”

Life on Tour
In between interviews and radio station visits during the day, Rossdale and Kingston hit kid-friendly spots along their tour route, like the Seattle Aquarium or the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine. “Sometimes we’ll go to museums of modern art so he can see a big splash of color on the walls,” says Rossdale.

They also make up games together. “I found a way to kill some time in New York by asking him to look out the window and tell me every time he saw a yellow taxi,” says Dad with a chuckle. “He was so into it. We had a really good time.”

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Kingston Rossdale On Tour With Dad

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