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Jon Gosselin is, for all intents and purposes, fired from Jon & Kate Plus 8, and his response is to suddenly become “concerned” for the well-being of his children and demand they no longer be filmed.

Jon Gosselin goes on national TV apologizing to his soon-to-be-ex-wife whilst simultaneously draining their shared bank account of $200,000.

Jon Gosselin wears Ed Hardy like it’s not going out of style.

OK, so the last one is pretty bad, but it’s probably not as bad as the explosion of tabloid stories that claim that Gosselin is a sex addict who has had numerous affairs and unprotected one-night stands.

And we thought Kate was the crazy one.  After all, she got that haircut.

But seriously folks, the sad state of the Gosselins could not have been predicted when the show first started airing.  Did Jon seem like a Michael Lohan wannabe?  Did Kate seem like a fame whore who’d deny her children water?  Not really.  But then again, what good could come of exposing their family on a reality show, like modern-day Dionne quintuplets, for people to gawk?

Sure, Kate is a nagging witch (yeah, I said it), but Jon has become a douchey “playboy,” hosting parties in Vegas, dating college girls, whining that he lost his youth.  His sudden turnabout concern for his children’s welfare is laughable considering its timing.  He’s fired from his TLC show, and now he’s worried about his kids being on television?  Does anyone believe that his concern is genuine?

Then we find out that he withdrew the money purportedly used to pay the family bills from his joint account.  And he did so on the heels of telling Larry King that he wanted to “work things out” with Kate.  So not only does he take food out of his kids’ mouths, he’s a manipulative liar.  It’s not looking good for Mr. Gosselin.

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