How soon after delivery do I start breastfeeding?

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You want to offer your breast as soon as possible after the birth, even after a cesarean birth, but it’s up to your baby to decide when to start feeding. After your baby is born and dried, place your baby skin to skin against your chest.  This means that baby has nothing on but a diaper and is lying against your bare chest between your breasts. 

Placing baby close to you creates the best opportunity for the first breastfeeding to be successful. Another name for skin to skin is Kangaroo Mother Care. It will help keep your baby warm and secure.  Babies who are separated from their mothers after the birth cry more and are more likely to get cold (hypothermia) or have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). And most mothers love having their baby close to them.  In this position, babies use their natural instincts to find the nipple and latch on with little help from mother.

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