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A decorated GreenBird House

Ages: 2-4
Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour, plus drying time. (time may vary based on painting detail)

Toddlers tend to have a fascination with flying objects…especially those that go chirp, chirp. Inviting a family of birds to your backyard will not only teach your tot about the various types of birds, but with fewer old trees for birds to nest in these days, you’re doing something good for nature.

What You’ll Need:

*Since we don’t all have a woodshop in our garage, buying a birdhouse is usually the best option. We found a great eco-friendly birdhouse online, made of water-resistant, recycled paper. (to purchase The GreenBird House, click HERE.)

*Non-toxic paint (we like the milk paint they also sell on the website (pictured above). It’s 100% natural)

What to Do:

1. Assemble birdhouse (directions included)

2. Discover your inner Picasso, and paint!

3. Pick a great outdoor spot to hang your birdhouse. Be sure it’s in an area that doesn’t get too much wind.

4. Enjoy all your new feathered friends 🙂

For added enjoyment, buy a book that explains the various types of birds you might see in your new birdhouse. We found a great collection of toddler books HERE.

Listen to some old fashioned Tweets with this fun toddler project.

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