Photo Credit: Julie Toy; Styling: Jennifer FlanaganPhoto Credit: Julie Toy; Styling: Jennifer Flanagan

For Ages: 18 months to 4 years,
Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

* heavy colored card stock
* white or colored paper
* scissors (the type that cut decorative edges can be fun)
* sponges, Styrofoam, rubber stamps or homemade potato stamps
* stick glue
* various colors of kid-safe liquid paint
* ribbon
* flat containers for paint (from which each color can be applied to stamps)

What to Do

1. Cut card stock into the size and number of playing cards desired. Cut paper slightly smaller, using decorative-edge scissors if desired.

2. Set out sponges or stamps and various containers of paint. Have your child stamp two of each shape onto playing-card-size pieces of paper. Let dry.

3. Mount paintings on uniform-size cards using stick glue. Decorate as desired. If you decorate the backs of the cards, make all of them uniform.

4. When the cards are finished, mix them up and turn them all face down in rows on a table. Play with your toddler, taking turns turning over two cards at a time to find two matching cards.

5. Tie cards together with a ribbon for storage.

Create your own version of this childhood favorite.

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