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As part of our new series, we’ll talk with our favorite designers from who bring us the fabulously unique mom, baby, and toddler gear we love!

By Kerri Geringswald Designer: Pamela of Prettydreamer

What do they design?
Classic wood toys.

New Parent: How did you get into design?
One day while I was still quite young, I noticed how a painting or drawing came to look like a landscape or a person. The lines, the marks, the patches of color. Some how understanding this gave me a perspective on how things are made. Being able to visualize and see things before they are even made makes creative work a necessity.

I cannot tell you even how enamored I was as a child of five with my tiny, little strawberry-shaped top. Even then I knew my toy was well design. Design to me is a kind of intersection where great craftsmanship meets the undeniable good idea.. And what a happy place to meet!

What motivated you to start your own Etsy store?
A close friend had heard of Etsy and kept encouraging me to try it .Those were the early Etsy days and being a mother of a young child, I didn’t seem to have the time. But as my daughter grew, I moved towards establishing my workshop studio and joining Etsy made sense.

I can hardly believe all the wonderful customers I have met online and sent packages full of goodies to across the world. In the end, the Etsy community makes the world seem a smaller, kinder place.

What is your favorite item you are currently selling?
Well that is hard question to answer. I love them all! But for these littlest of ones, I love the creatures on wheels. So many times at markets and fairs, these little ones on the newest of legs or still in their mamas arm instinctively turn to the rooster and cows and other friendly creatures. It is as if they know they are like-minded souls waiting to go for a scoot across the floor like them. It is this liveliness that speaks to the little ones just as a doll is an incomparable play fellow to the some what older child.

I also love the simple wooden earthy playthings. There is so much goodness in the classic wooden toy. These pure and simple toys allows the young child to come in contact with his or her world in an immediate way. I wrote a post about it here. Wooden toys inherently are truthful and have integrity and very importantly connect us with our natural world.

Do you have a favorite design website or other Etsy seller you love or get inspiration from?
I have many loves… isn’t it wonderful to have such a place to meet as a creative community! There are a simply too many devoted artists on Etsy to know where to start, but wandering and discovering is a big part of the fun. 🙂

Anything you would like to add?
Did I mention, I love toys!

Click here to visit the Prettydreamer store!

We talk with the wooden toy designer for this unique Etsy store.

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