According to a recent PBS KIDS survey of parents of 2-6 year-olds, 86 percent of parents believe they have the most influence in preparing children for kindergarten and teaching a child social-emotional skills.

The survey stated that parents rely on a variety of tools, including parenting books/magazines (47%), PBS KIDS (46%), online parenting sites (46%), and other moms/parents (45%), to give them guidance on preparing their children for school.  As was found in the survey, PBS KIDS can be a viable resource for parents, providing tips and advice for dealing with social emotional issues, such as how to handle potty training, problem solving or teaching your child how to share.

PBS KIDS has developed five simple tips, adapted from the new series DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, which launched earlier this month, to help parents support their children’s social-emotional development, and to give kids practical strategies for dealing with various emotions:

Tip #1: When your child is disappointed about something, help him/her find something positive about the situation to focus on instead.

Tip #2: When your child gets angry, encourage him/her to take a deep breath and count to four.

Tip #3: Encourage your child to keep trying when he/she is struggling with a challenging task.

Tip #4: When your child is feeling apprehensive about a new experience – like going to the doctor or starting school – talk to him/her about what to expect beforehand.

Tip #5: Teach your child patience by coming up with activities to do while you’re waiting, like singing a song or playing a quiet game.

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