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By: Nicole Pelletiere

Can you believe it?  A whole year has gone by and it’s time to finally celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

It’s sure to be an exciting day, but in order for it to be successful, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind before hosting this unforgettable affair.

1.)  Host the party at home.

While it may sound effortless to book the party at a public venue, it’s not as personal, nor is it comfortable for your child.  Your home is where your baby feels most protected.

If you’d like to invite a larger amount of people, then choose a roomier place such as a hall or a restaurant that offers a private party room.  This way, everyone is together and there are fewer strangers in the vicinity of the party.

2.)  Decide on a time of convenience.

This is a special day for your child, but that doesn’t mean that schedules should go out the window.  Sticking to your child’s everyday routine is important—especially since guests will be around.  If you choose to have the party before nap, or choose to skip nap all together, then there’s risk for an unwanted meltdown.

Try to schedule the party after your child is rested and fed; that way, everyone will enjoy themselves—including you!

3.)  Invite only close friends and family.

As much as you’d like to extend invitations to all of your acquaintances, it may be best to avoid the commotion.  Too many people and unfamiliar faces will not only be overwhelming for your baby, but for you and your husband as well.  Hosting this party means entertaining your guests—on this day, your attention should be focused on the birthday boy/girl.  So, the less people you have to entertain, the better!

4.)  Choose appropriate foods.

If you will be hosting for both children and adults, it’s important to have the appropriate food for both groups.

Snacks and finger foods are great for the occasion.  Some suggestions for children are: fruit salad, rolled cold cuts, bite-sized cheeses, and mini bagels.

Offer standard snacks to adults—if you’d like to have more substance then try and order a hero or pizza; it’s less stress and less clean-up too.

5.)  Keep it simple.

Don’t overdo it.  It’s a big day, but the most important thing is that your child is content and enjoying themselves.

If your friends and relatives are bringing their children, then set up a baby-proof play area with stimulating toys.  This way, the adults can sit nearby and chat.

Keep the décor to a minimum, play some music, and set time aside to have cake and open a few gifts.  By keeping it simple, you will be less stressed and more inclined to have a good time.  So relax, enjoy, and hold onto this moment—the milestone of your child’s first birthday only happens once in a lifetime.


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