For eight year old Preston and thirteen year old Austin, there’s more to life than hanging out with friends and getting their homework done. These brothers have done what few kids their age even think about, and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship with the launch of their t-shirt company Fly Guy Brand.
As their motto of “Do You Stay Fly” says, the company’s focus is on creating bold tees with a positive message of staying true to one’s self and not worrying about what others think. Each design is created with a purpose and executed in vibrant colors or inspiring words on 100% preshrunk cotton.
Take their Don’t Be a Jerk tee for instance. Why be a hater when one can stay fly and be friends with everybody? This tee says no to bullies and spreads the word that all the haters out there need to cut it out.
Without being cheesy, the Fly Guy Brand encourages kids to keep it real and do the things that make them happiest. Their Signature Tee features their mascot in silhouette, and is a fun addition to any kid’s back to school wardrobe.
Kids need to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, but takes hard work and perseverance. The Money Maker Tee is all about teaching kids that if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense! Instill the right attitude in them from an early age and watch them reap the benefits in their adult lives.
The boys have certainly taken this last t-shirt’s motto to heart. In celebration of the end of the school year and the launch of their brand, the boys threw a School’s Out Party complete with a Fly Guy red carpet, professional photographer, DJ’s, and a visit from NFL Running Back Lance Ball.
First dreamed up as a way to increase and supplement their weekly allowance, Fly Guy Brand soon became a fully fledged business. Austin and Preston hold monthly business meetings, make design decisions, and do cold calls at local stores themselves. They’ve started their own marketing plan and have handed out almost 1000 of their brand’s stickers at skate parks and store openings. Fly Guy Brand is designed by kids, for kids.
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