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Between the grumblings of early morning wake-up calls, chaotic breakfasts and rushing to the bus stop, the new school year makes means that mornings are rarely peaceful or stress-free for parents.

Busy parents Jim and Monika Adorney know the routine all too well.

It was the Adorneys crazy schedules, and Jim’s love for design, that led to the creation of Lunchbox Buddies™, a product that helps even the busiest of parents maintain an active role in their child’s day.

Each packet of Lunchbox Buddies™ contains 20 notes to add into a child’s lunchbox – enough for one month’s worth of lunches – and are heavy enough to be colored, collected and traded. Every note features a different character, from Zoob the Space Cadet to Lester the Goofball, with an accompanying message. There’s also room for parents to personalize the note with a message of their own.

For the Adorneys, packing notes in their daughters’ lunchboxes are just another way to build a connection with their children, and let them know that they’re thinking about them even when they can’t be there.

Now a Boston-based designer, Jim’s love for drawing began at a young age. When his daughters entered grade school, Monika began packing notes with their lunches, and Jim would draw a cartoon to accompany each note. Jim’s wacky characters became an instant hit among his daughters and their friends, and the family joined together to take on theLunchbox Buddies™ endeavor.

“I’ve been drawing cartoon characters ever since I was in elementary school,” says Jim. “With the help of my family, these characters completely evolved and developed identities and personalities.”

The Adorneys are excited to offer a product that not only benefits parents, but also children.

“My wife and I are big believers that small things like notes in a lunchbox can make a huge difference with your relationship with your kids,” says Adorney. “As a working dad, I’m able to play an active role in my daughters’ days, even if I’m at the office early and staying late.”

Lunchbox Buddies
Price: $3.99 per pack; pack of 20
Dimensions: 2.5 in x 3.5 in
Available for purchase at

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