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Activity: Flashlight Hunt

Age: 2-4 years

What You’ll Need: Flashlight, assortment of books, toys, and other fun objects.

Where To Do It: In your toddler’s bedroom

Now What?: Before you start, go into your toddler’s room and arrange the toys, books, and other objects in various places.

Tell your toddler your’re going to play a flashlight game, and review with him the differences between a light/dark room (one has lights on, the other is lights off! Though don’t mention the word ‘bedtime’…he might think it’s time to stop playing!)

Turn the lights off, and the flashlight on. Have him point the flashlight around the room, and mention all the things you both are seeing. (IE: “There’s your teddy bear!” “There’s your Waldo book!”)

This is a great way to teach your toddler that he doesn’t have to be scared of the dark!

Teach your toddler that playing in the dark can be fun!

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