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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to give your little ones an extra dose of love! We love this mixture of handmade gifts from Etsy.com for babies and toddlers. Browse them all and let us know your favorites!

Valentines Day Special Birdy Rattles by Born With It
Price: $25.00
Buy it here

‘LOVE’ Baby Blanket by Rocket and Bear
Price: $64.00
Buy it here

Little ASL ‘I Love You’ Teething Toy by Little Sapling Toys
Price: $12.00
Buy it here

Dudididum Valentine Shoes by LaLa Shoes
Price: $40.00
Buy it here

Be Mine Dress by Poppy and Peony
Price: $32.00
Buy it here

Red With Pink Hearts Argyle Baby Leggings by Candy Apple Cutie
Price: $7.00
Buy it here

Black Mod XOXO Pacifier Clip by Little Birds Boutique
Price: $6.00
Buy it here

We love these handmade gift ideas for babies and tots.

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