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By Lindsay Goldenberg

Just because it’s snowing, sleeting, or just plain cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t plan fun, new activites with your toddler. Whether you want to stay inside or are dying to escape the house, we’ve got some bright ways to make your play schedule weather-proof.

1. Go to the library
3-6-years old is a great time to introduce your toddler to the wonders of a public library. Take him through all the various sections, explain how the process of checking books in/out works, and have him pick out his very first “library” book. You can even plan your visit around a Toddler Storytime or other scheduled children’s activity that the library offers.

2. Check out a children’s museum
Children’s museums are a great place for little ones to explore different sights, sounds, and textures. They’re also a great place for visiting grandparents to take the kids, too (and give you a breather!) Bring a camera and a brown bag lunch/snack, and enjoy the fun bonding experience a children’s museum can offer.

Locate a children’s museum in your area by clicking HERE

3. Put on a puppet show
Every house has a drawer of lonely socks…you know, those left behind after their mate mysterously disappears in the laundry. Put them to good use with a homemade puppet show in your living room. Invite other toddlers and moms over, and make it a great play-date.

For instructions on how to decorate a sock puppet, click HERE

For funny scripts, click HERE

For instructions on how to build a puppet theater out of a box, click HERE

4. Photo Shoot!
Do your in-laws constantly ask for more photos of their grandkids? Play professional photographer and set up your own photo shoot. Grab a camera (it doesn’t have to be fancy…a disposable one with a flash will work just as well!), and have your tot dress up in their favorite outfit or costume. Attach a plain sheet to the wall using thumbtacks or straight pins on the top and sides, and let the bottom drape over the floor. Then, ask your toddler to do fun poses. You’ll love the results (and so will grandma!)

5. Start a playgroup
It’s crucial for toddlers to interact with other children, especially in a play environment. This allows them to explore and imitate other’s children’s play habits, which are all part of healthy development. It also teachs your toddler to share and communicate properly with others (especially if they’re an only child.)

Looking for other moms in your area? Start a group for your city in our community and set up a play date with other members!

When the weather gets cold, it’s time to get creative. Here’s a list of fun and easy indoor/outdoor activities you can do in the winter.

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