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1. The Lion King
When it Came Out: 1994
Good for Ages: 6+
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This Disney classic follows the journey of a lion cub named Simba, who is wrongly forced into exile by a lying uncle who wants to take his throne. Simba, who has spent his youth in the jungle with a warthog and meerkat (Nathan Lane) is visited by the ghost of his father and encouraged to go and accept his royal destiny. The movie’s songs, let alone its’ message, will stay with you and your tot for years to come.

2. The Wizard of Oz
When it Came Out: 1939
Good for Ages: 6 +
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In this 1930’s classic based on the popular L.Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado and end up in the magical land of Oz. Flying monkeys, ruby slippers, and yellow brick roads abound as she and her new friends embark on a journey to find a heart, a brain, courage, and the way back home.

3. Willy Wonka
When it Came Out: 1971
Good for Ages: 8 +
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Famous recluse Willy Wonka is offering five lucky golden-ticket holders a tour of his famous chocolate factory. Charlie, who comes from a poverty-stricken family, finds one of the five golden tickets and takes his favorite Grandpa Joe along with him. Once inside, all but Charlie and his grandpa run amuck, proving that perhaps in the end, the most well-behaved child is the real winner. (We like that lesson!)

4. Shrek
When it Came Out: 2001
Good for Ages: 6 +
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The heartless ruler Lord Farquaad banishes all fairy tale characters to a faraway land called Duloc, which happens to be the home of a lovably scary ogre called Shrek. When Shrek tries to convince Farquadd to give his peaceful home back, he agrees in exchange for one big favor: to find Princess Fiona, whom he wants to make his bride. Love and fun secrets are revealed as the unlikely pair start their journey back.

5. Beauty and the Beast
When it Came Out: 1991
Good for Ages: 6+
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Prince Adam was turned into a beast because he was incapable of loving anybody else. The antidote? He must fall in love and have it returned to him. But who could love a beast? In comes Belle, a beautiful girl who is forced to live with the Beast in a castle filled with dancing books and plates. Will love conquer all? We won’t spoil it for you!

6. E.T.
When it Came Out: 1982
Good for Ages: 7 +
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When a 10-year-old boy, Eliot, discovers a lost Extra Terrestrial, the two develop a unique bond. While E.T. enjoys his new life on earth with Eliot’s family (including sister Gertie, played by a young Drew Barrymore), he misses home. Both Eliot’s and E.T.‘s life become endangered when a group of scientists discover the alien. The movie is a great example of true friendship, love, and the meaning of home.

7. The Parent Trap
When it Came Out: 1961
Good for Ages: 6 +
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Hayley Mills stars as twin girls, separated at birth by divorce, who randomly meet at summer camp. Once they discover the connection, they switch homes and spend time with the parent they’ve never met. Soon, the girls devise a plan to reunite their parents.  Filled with humor and light-hearted fun, this 1960’s movies if great for kids and their parents.

8. Beethoven
When it Came Out: 1992
Good for Ages: 6 +
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Beethoven, the achingly cute and slobbery Saint Bernard, barely escapes dognappers as a puppy before adopting finding his new family, the Newtons. While the mom and three children love Beethoven, the dad (played by Charles Grodon) can’t stand him. But when an evil vet tries to take Beethoven away from their, the once grumpy dad becomes the dog’s only hope. The movie is a great example of love and acceptance.

9. Charlotte’s Web
When it Came Out: 2006
Good for Ages: 4+
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A litter of 11 piglets are born, and a farmer must eliminate one so the mother can feed them. After selecting the runt, the farmer is ready with his ax when his daughter, Fern (Dakota Fanning) stops him. Fern cares for her new pig, Wilbur, and lets him live in the barn with the cows, sheep, geese, rats, and a spider named Charlotte (Julia Roberts). While Wilbur escaped certain death before, he fears for his life again as Spring approaches (HINT: Bacon). Can his new friend Charlotte save the day?

Official Charlotte’s Web Trailer

10. Babe
When it Came Out: 1995
Good for Ages: 5 +
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Yes, two pig movies in a row! We can’t help but love this flick about an adorable pig that could! Bought at a local fair by Farmer Hoggett, the piglet becomes friends with other unusual animals (a duck that thinks he’s a rooster and a dog he calls mom) and develops a talent for herding sheep with very surprising results. A great story of ambition and bravery.

Heading to the video store? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite flicks for tots.

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