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Designing a nursery can be a daunting task! This is the place you’re going to lay your previous cargo every night, so of course you want it to be the most warm, inviting, and eco-friendly room you’ve ever been in. But you also want it done quickly and on a budget. Daily Candy recently asked Brenda Berg, founder and CEO of Scandinavian Child, vice-chair of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, voting member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (it sets standards for consumer goods and services), and mother of two, to help put together some ABC’s for getting it done. Adapt Choose simple colors and patterns that will grow with your baby and look for furniture that scales. A glider may not be the best chair to cuddle up in years from now. Decorate for your child, not for yourself. Buy Wisely Don’t waste money on a changing table that doesn’t transition into a dresser. Pick products that do double duty. Certify Everything you buy should meet ASTM standards: Look for the JPMA certification seal. Declutter Remove the toys, leave the essentials: books, clothes, and diapers. You know how you shouldn’t work in bed? Same thing: A nursery is a safe haven for sleep. Those tchotchkes only gather dust. Economize Expensive doesn’t always equal quality. Educate yourself before making a purchase; it can help you save in the long run. Facilitate the Mood Incorporate different grades of lighting (overhead, tableside), so you can dim when it’s time to wind down. Go Green He rests his head on the mattress every night (all night, hopefully). The last thing you want is off-gassing. If a green mattress breaks the bank (they are pricey), let your regular mattress breathe before use. And use a natural waterproof cover, not a vinyl one. Good thing you have nine months to get it done.

Expert tips for creating a budget-friendly room.

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ABC’s of Nursery Design

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