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We all want to dress like celebrities (some days we’d even like to BE, oh…I don’t know. Angelina Jolie?), but we can’t all afford to dress like one! We found some great celeb maternity looks, below, and researched how we can steal that look on the cheap. Wallets, rejoice!

Christine Applegate has said she hasn’t quite figured out her maternity “style,” but we disagree after seeing her look, above. She makes a black outfit look fabulous with simple choices that all moms can follow: a few pieces of jewelry, a stunning clutch, and sky high pumps. (Okay, you can skip the pumps if you want!) Check out our cheaper version of Christina’s outfit, below.


Forever 21 Double Strand Necklace
Price: $5.80
Buy it here

Gap Maternity Low-Rise White Super-Flare Jeans
Price: $12.97
Buy it here

Cooperative Braided Sandal
Price: $9.99
Buy it here


Tips for getting these fab looks for less!

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