More and more women want to get pregnant after 40. Dr. Zhang with New Hope Fertility Center says “40s is the new 30’s” for family building as he has treated celebrities, women and couples of all ages.  Most women over 40 will need some sort of assistance to conceive.

  • What are the options for those wanting a family later in life?
  • What about those approaching 40 who haven’t found Mr. Right?
  • Did they wait too long?

Here are some items to consider if you are looking to conceive in your 40s.

  1. Worried about twins? Mini-IVF  uses less medication and produces less eggs than its conventional IVF counterpart.
  2. Told you eggs are “Old?” – Egg Donor options are growing and there are many options for women and couples looking to conceive later in life.  What are some dangers of using the internet to search, what should you ask your clinic?
  3. Can’t carry a baby?  Surrogacy is a great option – Dr. Zhang worked with Martha Stewart’s daughter to conceive two children via a surrogate.
  4. Under 40 but not ready or haven’t found your mate? Egg Freezing is a common option and how women can get started to “stop the biological clock today?”
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