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With the arrival of your newborn rapidly approaching you may want to be sure that you and your home are fully prepared. Between clothes, toys, diapers, and everything else, your baby’s belongings will surely need to be stored somewhere. Therefore, you are going to require all of the space you can get.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some valuable organizing tips that will help create a clutter-free environment for when your newest addition arrives…

Get rid of or donate any clothing that is no longer suitable to wear.  Also, be sure to sort through your child’s outfits, as he or she most likely will receive even more baby clothes as gifts upon their arrival.

Refrigerator, Kitchen cabinets & Pantry
It may be a good idea to freeze or give away any food that may go bad that won’t be eaten when you are at the hospital.  Also, get rid of any expired items and donate canned goods that have been taking up unnecessary space.  This way you can make plenty of room for baby food and bottles.

Throw away any items that may have passed the expiration dates such as: medications, beauty products, and soaps.  You will need to make room for extra towels, linens, and bath products.  Let’s also not forget a baby tub!

Create space for your baby’s records
Upon returning from the hospital your baby will also be arriving with important documents in tow.  Your OB/GYN and Pediatrician may have provided you with after-birth information to bring home with you.  Medical records, birth certificate, Social Security card, and baby gear manuals should all be kept and filed in a safe place.

When your baby gets home her or she will want all of the attention they can get—and with the pre-baby organizing already complete, you and Daddy will be able to enjoy welcoming your little one into the world. Good luck!

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