By Lindsay Goldenberg’s Style Expert, Amy Coe, is the authority in designing fun, eclectic, and gorgeous nurseries. With the debut of her line for Babies”R”Us—a truly awesome collection that is fabulous AND affordable—we decided to sit down with Amy and find out how we can design a nursery that’s both modern and comfortable. Think of it as Nursery Design 101!

Read Amy’s wonderful style secrets below:

How important is wall color?

Color can change a room – it can define the space, create a mood and become a backdrop for your furniture and linens.  Color creates personality for a room or even a baby.

What are some of your favorite colors right now?

At the moment, I adore a mix of slate blue, soft grey, pure white and a splash of bright color, such as cool orange or a hot pink—it makes the nursery looks so fresh.  My Zoo Baby (pictured above) collection at Babies”R”Us showcases this modern sensibility.  The mix and match of bold jungle animals, stripes and tiny whimsical prints are in these cool, sophisticated colors.

Is it better to make a nursery gender-neutral?

Whether parents know the sex of the baby or not, the gender specific or gender neutral nursery should be a true reflection of you and your home. New and expectant parents should focus on their favorites to create a soothing, comfortable space for their little one to thrive in.  Create a style all your own – mix modern furniture, bright bedding, a fun rug and bold wall art.

What are some of the best ways to make a gender-neutral room, especially if the sex of the baby is unknown?

Brown is an on-trend color and perfect for little girls or little boys.  I’ve created a gender-neutral collection for Babies“R”Us called Simply Swirl, which includes bedding and room decor.  The chocolate brown and pure white geometric swirls and curls are designed with the idea that new and expectant parents can create a modern room for a girl or boy, and then easily add any clean color when they know the gender, such vivid pinks or bright blues.  It’s my new favorite.

If you’re designing on a budget, which pieces should you spend more money on, and which ones can be done on the cheap?

New and expectant parents should know they can be both style and value conscious.  As a designer, it is important that my designs have great quality at affordable prices. My Babies”R”Us collection features 300 items that makes it fun to dress a fashionable baby, decorate a nursery with sophistication and even bathe in style!

What’s the best way to plan the layout?

The best way to layout your nursery is to create a small plan to scale.  However, if this is not your expertise, another easy solution is to map the objects with newspaper on the nursery floor so you can easily move the elements to suit your personal taste.  It’s much easier to move newspaper around than the crib and dresser!

How can you design a room so it works when the baby is older?

Designing a nursery with modern room decor rather than a theme makes it easier to refresh the look as your baby grows.  Paint is an easy way to update a child’s room.  Another option is a modern crib that converts into a toddler bed – a great idea for a toddler.  Mix and match linens can easily be changed.  Accessories add personality and are interchangeable.  I love oversized canvas art, candid photos and a splash of modern lighting in a nursery.  Bold wall stickers that can be removed easily are a great option, too.

Should everything match?  What patterns work best together?

It always looks best when a room is eclectic, it’s easy to layer different scaled patterns that share a color palette. I love bold geometrics, dots and stripes.

What are the ESSENTIALS for a nursery that you must buy?

Soft, instrumental music for naptime; a comfy rocker for midnight feeding; low lighting so you can take a quick peek at your sleeping baby; and of course, a warm cozy blanket for swaddling.

Click here to see Amy Coe’s entire line at Babies”R”Us.

Thanks, Amy! 🙂

Designer Amy Coe reveals her tricks of the trade, and shows us her adorable new line of nursery designs.

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