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You’ve heard about those sleepless nights and the zombie-like state you will be in during the first few weeks with your new baby. There is no way to actually be prepared for that, but you can get your home in order by organizing by space for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

This will also create a sense of calm as your home is organized and stocked up with food and your plan is set in place. Starting earlier is better but you can even go through this a few weeks before your baby is due. Just remember to ask for help and try not to stress over the littlest things.

With sleepless nights around the corner, prepare for the arrival of your baby with these helpful tips.

Make Your Appointments

  • After you have your baby, you will be amazed at how quickly the first six months will pass. Before your baby is born, make a checklist of some your essential appointments (dentist, doctor, etc) and see if you can make them a few weeks before the arrival of your baby.

Stock Up

  • You can prepare for this step way before baby arrives by purchasing diapers or wipes. Buying in bulk will make those first months easier so you don’t have to think about trekking to a store. If you are using a diaper service or cloth diapering, make sure that you are well stocked as well and also have a plan of who will do the laundry.
  • This also applies to stocking up items for your bathroom with toiletries and essentials like prescriptions.

Have Prepared Foods on Hand

  • If you have family visiting in the beginning food will be one of your top requests. If you have a chance, try to prepare big meals that will last for days like lasagna or a huge pot of soup. Also, stock up on healthy snacks like fruit, granola bars, nuts and some cereal.
  • During the first few days you will need to recover and take it easy (as much as possible), so having food prepared will make it easier for you to enjoy your baby while also enjoying healthy meals at home.

Ask for Help

  • This one can be difficult for some people, but in the beginning you will need help as you adjust to life with a baby. This might mean a helping hand at home so you can rest or nap or help with household chores. You can also hire a postpartum doula who can help you and provide you with the emotional support that you will need.

Install the Car Seat

  • Most hospitals won’t let you leave with your baby without a car seat. Make sure that you research all of the models available on the market as well as learn about the current recalls. When you are about eight months pregnant, be sure that you install your car seat and that you know how to adjust the straps

Items for Baby

  • In the beginning there is very little that a baby needs. Other than nursing and sleeping, your baby won’t be active for a few months. However, they will need onesies, a carrier, a stroller and a crib or bassinet. Onesies are definitely a priority since your newborn will have multiple changes in the beginning.

Make Plans for Your Older Child

  • If you have a child already, figure out a plan of where they will be when you are giving birth. Maybe a relative will be coming over or your child will go there – whatever it is make sure everyone that is helping out is ready and knows your child’s routine. This also applies to pets.

How Will You Get There?

  • While a car is the obvious answer, you might not have one where a cab or someone else will be driving you. Know who will be doing this and have their number ready to go, along with maps to the hospital or birthing center.
  • There is no doubt that your life will change after you have a baby. Getting ready and preparing ahead of time is one way to stay organized and ease the transition as you welcome your new baby.

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