Those same boobs you once tried desperately to get cleavage out of now seem destined for the cover of a Harloquin romance novel. So what exactly do you do with your new, er, friends?

The key to staying comfortable throughout your pregnancy and your expanding breast size is to get a proper fitting maternity bra. In fact, chances are you’ll need several different sizes throughout your pregnancy, with breasts typically increasing 2-4 cup sizes during those nine months.

To ensure a proper fit, use this easy guide for determining your correct maternity bra size:


To work out your band size (the number part) take a tape measure and place it around your body so that it lies flat just under your bust. Take this measurement in inches, rounding up if the circumference comes out as an uneven number (i.e. if the actual measurement is 37” your correct band size would be ‘38’). You now have your band size.

To work out your cup size you should take the tape measure and place it around the widest part of your bust whilst wearing a well fitted, unpadded bra. Again, take this measurement in inches. You will then need to work out the difference between this measurement and your band size to find out your cup size. Every inch of difference between these two measurements is equivalent to an increase of one cup size.

e.g. Say your band size is 36 inches and your bust measurement is 39 inches, the difference between the two is 3 inches. Using the table below you can see that this is equivalent to a C cup size, so your overall bra size would be 36C.


Tips on choosing a maternity bra

-To minimise irritation look for bras made largely of cotton without seams over the nipples.

-Check that the front of the bra fits flat against the breastbone and that the back of the bra sits at the same level as the front and doesn’t ride up.

-Try and avoid underwired maternity bras as there is a possibility these could interfere with blood flow and developing milk ducts.

-Choose bras with as much fabric covering the breast area as possible as these provide more support.

-Ideally you should choose bras with wide straps, deep sides and a supportive under bust band to minimise movement

-You may want to check that there is a little room to grow so if you seem to be in between sizes its usually better to round up so that you have room to expand.

-Try to choose a maternity bra with several sets of hooks and eyes on the fastening – if you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy you should check your bra fits comfortably on the tightest setting to begin with, and if you are in the later stages choose one that fits on the last eyes so that you can make it smaller after you have had your baby and your rib cage decreases in size.

-In the later stages of pregnancy it can be good value to go for a maternity/ nursing bra with clips or opening cups that can be used for convenient breastfeeding after you have your baby.

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What exactly DO you do with your new, er, friends?

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