You may have to cut out quite a few things during pregnancy but luckily sex isn’t one of them. While the traditional missionary position can get pretty uncomfortable as a baby grows, there are many other positions that deliver all the pleasure without the pain. We’ve created a list of tried and true positions for each trimester.

These positions are so hot you’ll probably want to try them even if you’re in the baby-making-practice phase.

First Trimester

  • Get Edgy. Toward the end of your first trimester you’ll start to feel pressure against your uterus during the missionary position. Laying on your back, slide to the edge of the bed. You can prop your feet up on the bed so your knees or totally bent or for even more pleasure rest your ankles on his shoulders.
  • Criss Cross. This one’s fun! You lay on your back and he lays perpendicularly on his side so that you two make a T crossing at your hips. This allows you to lay on your back feeling all the pleasure and none of the pain. Plus you get to look at each other from a totally different angle.

Second Trimester

  • Be a Cowgirl. Otherwise known as woman-on-top. As your belly grows, you’ll want to abandon the missionary position to relieve pressure that a man’s body can place on your womb. Flip the script, literally and grind on him. If you feel like changing it up, do the backwards cowgirl and turn around so that let your back faces him.
  • Got a spare chair? You’re going to need it. Sitting positions feel especially good during your second trimester. When your man comes home, grab him, sit him down, handcuff him to the chair and straddle him. You’ll be one hot mama (We had to do that just once.)

Third Trimester

  • Leap Frog is a more comfortable version of the tried and true “doggy style” position. Instead of being on all fours, lean down more and rest your arms and head on the bed. This angle allows for your hips to be propped up way high, so he’ll hit all your pleasure points without putting pressure on your belly.
  • Spooning. What’s better that spooning with your man? Spooning with your man and having an orgasm at the same time. You know this position well. You and your dude assume it every Saturday afternoon when you lay in bed watching TV. You lay on your side and he lays behind you. Only this time you’re both going to be naked and your top leg will open up and go on top of his. We call this awesome position lazy sex.
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