Weird Pregnancy Cravings, Revealed

weird pregnancy cravingsPickles and ice cream might be the fare that moms-to-be stereotypically dream about. In reality? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We asked some of our moms to share their weird pregnancy cravings on our Facebook Page. Click and  share your weird pregnancy cravings!

See What Our Moms are Eating When Pregnant

weird pregnancy cravings “just anything i wasn’t really supposed to eat since i had GD  … also not really weird but i wanted VINEGAR! everything with vinegar.” –Andra G.

“Grapefruit. Which I couldn’t have with the medication I was on for preterm labor.” –Amanda P.

weird pregnancy cravings “Italian salad dressing.” –Cindy K.

“With my first I wanted to eat cigarettes (I’m not a smoker), with my 2ed I had a could live in a Lowes. The smell was so wonderful I could sit there and soak it in all day.” –Ashley R.

“Celery.” –Ebony L.

“Chocolate milkshakes with an eggroll.” –Kelly M.

weird pregnancy cravings“Special K and Orange Juice.” –Mandy B.

“Hush puppies from Long Johns Silvers and cherry slushies.” – Joy S.

“The smell of new tires.” –Rebecca M.

weird pregnancy cravings “Beer. I don’t even like beer. I craved it my whole pregnancy.” –Rachael M.

“vanilla haagen dazs scooped out of the container with ridged sour cream and onion potato chips.” –Ann A.

This list goes way beyond pickles and ice cream, enjoy!

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