WeeFarers sunglasses ensures your toddler will be the coolest on the block

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WeeFarers sunglasses ensures your toddler will be the coolest on the block

We love raising kids in the sunny southwest, but truly, keeping sunglasses on them has been a problem as long as we have been trying! I personally get a headache every time I leave the house without them. How can my children handle it? Furthermore, I’ve known adults who suffered cataracts at a young age simply because they have always lived in sunny places and have not always protected their eyes appropriately. 

It is a hard thing to do with little ones. Getting small dudes to keep hats and sunglasses on their heads and faces can be a battle. Not losing or breaking them is another battle. And forget about style. Those who are truly committed to sun-protection sacrificed style a long time ago, right? Wrong. Enter WeeFarers. This company has arrived to solve the problem facing little eyes in a sun-drenched land.

For starters, these sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. Children’s eyes are more sensitive than adult eyes and we already know that there are negative effects from long-term exposure. Our little ones are dependent on us to protect their eyes for them–these are the only eyes they get!

Beyond solid protection, these sunglasses are bendable and tough! In fact, WeeFarers is so confident that your toddler won’t destroy them, that they even offer a free replacement pair if they end up lost or damaged in the first year! At $25 a pair, it’s almost a bad choice not to buy them.

The icing on the cake: they are on point when it comes to style. Your cute kid can rock these shades for a couple years before needing to size up, and they will look adorable with every outfit. They come with a little soft and stretchy strap to keep them on for the day at Disneyland, the beach, or a romp in the park. 

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