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Most people scramble for stocking stuffers at the last minute and the often uninspired little gifts of the season sit alongside the equally uninspired (or simply useless) party favors our kids collect at birthday parties throughout the year. But why not make your stocking stuffers count this year?

Take a look at our list of 5 gifts we think are worthy of making it into the stockings of everyone on your list (even the family dog):

1.  Make Your Own Flip Book

The Fliptomania Flipbook Animation Kit – Rocket & Robot, creates flipbook animations of a rocket blasting off and a robot riding a skateboard! Flipbooks are the building blocks of movies, and everybody enjoys them. They’re fun, creative and fascinating.

2. Finger Printing Art Set

The Klutz Fingerprint Fabulous is a thumbprint art craft kit which transforms your toddler’s thumbprints from ordinary to extraordinary! Comes with 3 ink pads (pink, purple, green), 1 black marker pen, glitter glue, sequins, tear-out greeting cards. Includes a 40 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions and great for travel.

3. Tattoo To Do Kit

If you have a forgetful kid at home (and who doesn’t have at least one?), this is the perfect gift to help avoid saying the old, “If your head wasn’t screwed on you’d forget it…” line. Check out the Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Tattoo Notebook Planner is a daily planner journal, To-Do list notebook, and daily organizer. It’s 114 pages of fun!

4. T-Shirts for a Cause

The Only Onepiece’s fabric is made from renewable wood sources like eucalyptus and beechwood, which require far less water than cotton to grow. Check out their navy blue toddler’s boys and girls t-shirts.

5. Shoelaces made from Japanese fabric

No more dirty or shredded shoelaces!  Why not have an extra pair on hand and while you’re at it, make a fashion statement!  The designs on these shoelaces were inspired by the fabrics used to make Japanese kimonos. Lace them up to add a unique, and colorful, touch to a favorite pair of sneakers or lace up boots. At 47 ½ inches long, there’s a lot of shoelace to work with and get creative. So cute.

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