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With millions of women struggling to find their post-full-time motherhood identity, many will find themselves asking, ‘Who am I now, and what can I do next?’

Welcome to your “Act Three”, a time of transition, self-exploration and unlimited possibilities. For most, this time can be plagued with doubts about how to succeed in the next stage of life, but it can also be an opportunity for immense personal growth, believes sought-after inspirational speaker and coach Julie Shifman who in her own “Act Three”, made it her mission to help women find what inspires them. In her new book, Act Three: Create the Life You Want After Your First Career and Full-time Motherhood, Shifman offers simple, powerful tools to help women on their journey to creating a fulfilling life in the next act.

“I have spent years working with women across the country helping them to define this next stage in life,” said Shifman. “This book is the culmination of years of extensive research and proven exercises that will help guide women along the path to identifying and achieving their goals.”

Each chapter follows a systematic process Shifman, developed based upon her coaching practice. As Founder and President of her company, Act Three, Shifman has helped hundreds of women, through seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions, discover their own passions. The detailed exercises start by first helping women unlock their inner desires, gifts and motivations, then offers techniques that have helped so many others achieve their dreams. Shifman also introduces three revolutionary concepts, the ‘Power Equation’, developing a ‘Portfolio Career’ and the importance of getting in ‘Change Shape’.

Informational, encouraging and inspirational, Act Three will teach women to:

Identify their “Gifted Passions”—the things they love and have talent for
Pinpoint their biggest motivators
Ready themselves for the big changes “Act Three” will bring
Take “baby steps” to achieve their goals
Proactively address what might hold them back
Overcome the obstacles that they will inevitably encounter along the way

Shifman, an “Act Three woman” herself, shares her own personal story of imagining in Act Three and profiles other inspiring women who have achieved their dreams in their own “Act Three”. These stories of courage, perseverance and breaking down barriers illustrate that women can do anything they desire, at any time in their lives. Shifman profiles an award-winning documentarian, the founder of an African orphanage, a fitness guru, a nationally syndicated radio host, and more—all of whom started the journey wondering what they would do next.

Be it starting a new business, rediscovering a long-forgotten passion, charitable work or another venture that fulfills ones soul, Act Three provides the tools and support to equip any woman as she embarks on her third act.

Julie Shifman started her career as a ballet dancer, leaving ballet to go to law school. After a successful career as a lawyer in New York City and Cincinnati, she reinvented herself again in 2000 and founded Shifman & Associates, a non-profit business consulting firm where she developed an award-winning leadership development program for non-profit executives. In 2008, as her own four children were leaving the nest, Julie founded Act Three, a company that helps women across the country, just like her; reach their goals in their next stage of life.

In 2010, Julie launched her popular inspirational women’s event called “Imagine . . . Then Do It!” She is now a sought-after inspirational speaker for women’s events and workshops around the country, and is a certified coach and an adjunct professor of business at Xavier University. She is a recipient of the prestigious Athena award by Cincy magazine and was named as a “Woman to Watch” by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Julie is actively involved in the Cincinnati community, currently a board member of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Talbert House and the Cincinnati Ballet Company. Shifman holds a B.A. from North Central College, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Tax Law from New York University.

For more information on Julie Shifman, her speaking series, coaching business and Act Three: Create the Life You Want After Your First Career and Full-time Motherhood, please visit and Act Three will be available for purchase at major booksellers across the country as well as, and

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