Spinlight Studio Gives Bedtime Stories a Whole New Spin

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Spinlight Studio is at it again, with “Pixel and Parker,” their seventh title and first foray into children’s books. But this time, they’re not just releasing another app, they’re changing the way stories are told.

“Plenty of people are digitizing books,” says Matt Hutton, partner + creative director of Spinlight. “That’s been done. For us, the challenge is finding new ways to tell a story that make the most of the modern touchscreen devices.” With “Pixel and Parker,” they’ve shared one vision of what that could look like, using a game board spinner to advance the story — and giving bedtime stories a whole new twist.

The first adventure, aptly called a Spintale, follows the adventure of a young boy searching for his cat. With every spin, there’s a different activity that moves the action forward. And while there are no pages to turn, there’s plenty to discover, from musical cattails, to a store window filled with animated toys, to presents that let the reader change the look of the character. Throw in original music, whimsical narration and beautiful illustrations, and you’ve got a wonderful bedtime adventure that’s never the same story twice.

“Pixel and Parker” features:

  • A fun storybook adventure
  • Innovative spinning action that alters the path of the game
  • Over 30 activities
  • 30 T-shirts that readers can use to customize the main character
  • Original illustration, music and narration.
  • No in-app purchases
  •  Plus app design

“Pixel and Parker” is only $1.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category.

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