When searching for the perfect party game for holiday parties and get-togethers with friends and family, look no further than Rollick!—the must have game this year.  Rollick! will have everyone rolling with laughter.

Does a game of charades seem to be old hat? Do you hate acting out clue all by yourself? Maybe you have mastered the game and need a new challenge?

Whatever the problem may be, the folks at The Game Chef have “cooked up” a game that solves them all and will keep friends and families entertained and guessing late into the night. Rollick! takes the concept and competitiveness of charades and transforms it into something new and fun for people of all ages.

Why act alone when having teammates can bring so much more excitement? With Rollick!, the entire team works together to act out clues for one or more players to guess. The hilarious interactions create moments and memories that are talked about long after the game has ended.

Frequent players describe it as fast-paced, hysterical, and most important, fun! The Board Game Family can’t get enough, saying in a review: “What surprised us about Rollick! is that even those who initially don’t want to play (because it’s a charades game) end up joining in and having a super fun time.”

Rollick! accommodates anywhere from six to twenty or more people, and thanks to its two-minute learning curve, has people up and playing right off the bat. With over 750 clues, including words for younger children, suggestions for large and small groups, and other fun variations, no game is ever the same.

The folks at The Game Chef believe that the family that plays together stays together. Each game is created to appeal to everyone from kids to grandparents and even those hard to impress teenagers. Rollick! has won numerous industry awards including the Mom’s Choice Gold Award and the Toy Man Award of Excellence, as well as the Creative Child Magazine 2012 Party Game of the Year.  The Game Chef has many new games planned, and will be launching their new game Long Story Short later this year.

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