Parents are always looking for new ways to teach their kids how to steer clear from germs.  Well now, little girl’s can have fun and learn hygiene tips all at the same time with the new Nenuco Runny Nose Doll from leading European toy company, Famosa!

Little girls will love to role-play mommy with this doll.  It is so realistic, that when it gets a cold, little bubbles run out of her nose just like when “mommy” gets a cold.   Oops she needs a tissue!  Girls can give their baby some tender love and care while learning some quick tips to help avoid getting sick:

1) Always use a tissue when you have a runny nose.

2) Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day; before eating and after going to the bathroom, playing outside and petting an animal

Runny Nose from Famosa includes a beautiful winter outfit to help stay warm in the cold, along with a sippy cup and tissues.  Recommended for ages 3-6. MSRP $21.99. Available in October.

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