New guide offers parents, soon-to-be parents set of morals to raise future generation

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Nowadays, many Americans are left scratching their heads and wondering where this country went wrong, says author Derek J. McNally, a native of England. He shares his thoughts while offering advice for parents on how to raise future generations in the short yet informative “Short Cuts, Greed and Corruption: Your Children, Our Country’s Salvation.” 

McNally simply points to corruption and greed as America’s downfalls. He feels that society currently accepts corruption as a part of life. As he sees it, no one is standing up to say that what is going on is wrong, and since we are all affected by it, it’s hard to understand why no one is doing anything to stop it.

“Short Cuts, Greed and Corruption” offers parents and soon-to-be parents a set of ideas as to how they can create a better generation. McNally touches on the importance of integrity, accountability and commonsense, characteristics he believes that many Americans currently lack. By avoiding short cuts and greed in their adult life, the author hopes this future generation can create a better future America.

“With such knowledge in hand, when the next generation becomes adults, they will begin to change the way society lives,” McNally says. “They will be more aware of what is going on around them and demand the end of any suspicious practices being followed by leaders in cities all over America.”

McNally believes that by instilling the difference between right and wrong and a strong common sense, future generations will accept integrity and accountability as a way of life, not greed and corruption. “Short Cuts, Greed and Corruption” is aimed at politically active and socially concerned parents and parents-to-be who hope for a better tomorrow for their young ones.

“Short Cuts, Greed and Corruption: Your Children, Our Country’s Salvation” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: A native of England, Derek J. McNally and his family moved to the United States in 1966. He spent time as an engineer, sales engineer and product manager for two companies before he and his wife Eileen founded DJM Electronics Corporation, a company specializing in selling EMC-related measurement equipment and shielded enclosures. He retired in 1970, turning the company over to his son, Stephen. McNally and his wife have two sons, a daughter who passed away three years ago, as well as five grandchildren, Sydney, Jack, Brandon, Christian and Daniel.

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