10 Best Parenting Websites

By Lyz Lenz

I have a problem. Specifically, a googling problem. Even though I’ve read three books on children and parenting and I have What to Expect the First Year I still google everything from, “What to do about a runny nose?” to “Why does my baby hit me?” And let’s not even discuss my addiction to WebMD. But despite the fact that WebMD makes me think my child has a terminal illness and Google tells me I’m doing everything wrong, the internet is actually a helpful place for parents.

Where else can you find a 24-hour community of people who also hear their breast pump make strange sounds or are there to commiserate about nap-time? So, besides NewParent.com, obviously, here are my top 10 picks for best parenting websites.

1. All For The Boys
This blog is a lifesaver for any parent stuck inside all day with rambunctious kids. From forts, to airplanes and more, All for the Boys has craft ideas and DIY round ups to keep boredom at bay for days. Also, for the record, I think the ideas on this site are great for girls, too.

2. Declutter, Reorganize, Repurpose
Along with cuteness, babies mean a mess. A huge mess. This site is full of fun, practical ideas for cleaning up the clutter, reusing the junk and having fun. The site even goes beyond just making your life cleaner, but also has great content for making your life and your kids better.

3. Wholesome Baby Food
When my daughter decided that purees were for babies, I was left scrambling for nutritious and delicious food options for her. I was about to buy a recipe book when a mommy friend told me about this site. The recipes have been a lifesaver and so far my daughter loves everything I’ve made for her from this site.

4. Nameberry
Let’s just admit it: We’re all a little obsessed with baby names. Nameberry doesn’t just list names and their meanings, they have wonderful name lists, name suggestions, articles and advice.  Even though my daughter has a name, that doesn’t stop me from reading this site almost every day.

5. STFU Parents
Parents can be obnoxious. I even annoy myself pretty frequently. But nothing is as good for a cathartic laugh at parents than STFU Parents. The tumblr site posts pictures of the annoying, gross and bizarre things parents do and say on Facebook. Warning: This site is addictive.

6. Pinterest
At first glance, this site has nothing to do with parents or parenting, but if you look closer you’ll find that this online bulletin board is full of ideas for baby food, baby games, nursery decorating ideas, clothing, toys and more. I’m tempted to have a second baby just so I can sew some of the maternity clothes I’ve found on Pinterest.

7. Scary Mommy
Sure, we all read mom blogs. Dooce, Girl’s Gone Child, Pioneer Woman...They’re all required reading when you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. But¸ Scary Mommy stands out because it’s not just another mom blog, it’s also a community of moms who have come to share, laugh and encourage one another through their weakest moments. And every mom needs that. Also, it’s a hilarious site.

8. Kaboose
If you’ve ever looked at your baby and tried to figure out what to do until nap-time, Kaboose is your site. It’s loaded with games, activities and fun creative ideas for every season.

9. Ohdeeoh
Ohdeeoh is eye candy for every baby-mama and baby-gawker. Clothing ideas, decorating ideas and the latest and greatest in all the cool toys, Ohdeeoh will turn your baby into the coolest kid on the block.

10.  Shit My Kids Ruined
Equal parts therapy and hilarity, Shit My Kids Ruined was named one of Time magazine’s best sites of the year for 2010 and it’s spawned off shoots like, Shit My Wife Ruined. The pictures on this site are perfect for those times when you look around at your messy house and think, “This can’t get any worse!” Trust me, it can.

What’s your favorite parenting site?

About the Author:
Lyz Lenz is a writer, a mom and a midwesterner. Although, not in that order. She lives in Iowa and on the web at LyzLenz.com