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Say goodbye to expensive diapers AND diaper rashes! Lotus Bumz is here to explain why taking the plunge into the world of cloth diapers is more than a commitment to living green, it’s an easy way to save money with a few health bonuses on the side.

For first time mother Lorain Danus-Herder finding a way to reduce her carbon footprint while keeping her baby boy happy and healthy were at the top of her priority list. After searching the market for an affordable cloth diaper that didn’t seem to exist, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created Lotus Bumz.

Lotus Bumz specializes in adorable cloth diapers at a price expectant parents can get behind. While using cloth diapers can save parents anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run, few are willing to forgo their disposable diapers due to fear and the upfront cost of purchasing cloth. Lorain has looked to her experiences as a first time mother and designed Lotus Bumz diapers to be an innovative choice without the lofty price tag.

Lotus Bumz diapers are made with a cutely patterned cotton exterior, hidden layer of PUL, and super soft fleece interior. PUL is a stretchy, waterproof, and hypoallergenic fabric that also allows the diaper to breathe, and thanks to the Lotus Bumz design, it is neatly sandwich between other fabrics so it never comes in contact with the baby’s skin. This composition not only keeps things cute and comfy, but parents also have the added peace of mind of knowing their babies are living chemical-free.

Parents that use cloth diapers have noticed more than a change in their monthly baby bills; they’ve noticed a change in their little ones’ attitudes. Disposable diapers are notorious for trapping moisture tightly against babies’ skin, leading to rashes and outraged tears. Thanks to the flexibility and breathable nature of fabric diapers, rashes and temper blowouts are kept to a minimum.

With Lotus Bumz diapers, parents never have to throw out a too small diaper again. Each one is equipped with three rows of adjustable snaps and cross over snaps for babies with small waists. This way, the diaper grows right along with its charge so parents don’t have to go out and buy new diapers at every stage. With over 27.4 billion disposable diapers hitting the landfills a year, having just 16-24 cloth diapers can make a huge impact. It’s not every day that parents get the chance to reduce their impact on the environment while nurturing a healthier baby—so don’t pass it by!

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