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Babies will drool over four new teethers from Dr. Browns® — and they’ll feel much better for doing so. Designed by pediatric dentist Dr. John Davis, Dr. Brown’s teethers are made to soothe and comfort infants throughout the teething process.

The new teethers offer relief though cooling, chewing and pressure anesthesia — the application of pressure on the gums to help reduce pain. Teething pain often is caused by unequal pressure in the mouth; thus, chewing on a teether helps disperse pressure and relieve pain. All Dr. Brown’s teethers are freezer-safe for cooling comfort.

Dr. Brown’s lightweight teethers are designed to reach all the places in baby’s mouth where teeth are emerging after about three months of age. All four styles are freezer-safe for cooling comfort and have a suggested retail price of $5.99:

• Flexees® Ergonomic Teether: This super durable teether stands up to biting and chewing, featuring soft raised bumps and smooth curving sections to stimulate the gums and mouth. Flexees are thin enough for tiny hands to hold and are ergonomically designed to help baby access all teething areas. Flexees teethers are available in soft blue or pink.

• Orthees® Transition Teether: This pacifier-shaped teether massages sore gums and relieves mouth pressure by helping equalize the uneven pressures on baby’s gums during teething. Ideal for front and back teething, Orthees have a wide, squishy center, textured plastic ridges and handles that are easy for little hands to hold. The unique shape encourages jaw development as baby transitions to biting, chewing and speech.

• Coolees® Soothing Teether: This watermelon slice-shaped pacifier is designed to maintain its cooling comfort while baby teethes and soothes sore gums. A soft, squishy green “rind” is easy for baby to grip, while the smooth red center offers a firmer, smooth texture to gum and chew. A combination of points and curves, the watermelon Coolees reaches all parts of the jaw.

• Ridgees™ Massaging Teether:
Dr. Brown’s Ridgees Massaging Teether reaches all areas of the mouth including back molars. The firm edges massage gums while soft surfaces provide pressure relief for erupting teeth.

For more information, visit Dr. Brown’s website at http://www.bestbottle.com or Facebook page athttp://wwwfacebook.com/



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