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Even though she isn’t yet old enough to get excited about, well, anything yet, your baby’s first Christmas is the year you’re allowed in on all the fun that is the holiday season with little kids. Go ahead, splurge on gifts. Your baby might not be able to write a letter to Santa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun opening presents with her on Christmas morning. Need ideas?

Ideas for your baby’s first Christmas to make it memorable!

Make a handprint ornament.

Your baby’s hand might be tiny now, but it won’t stay that way forever! Capture his handprint in a modeling clay or plaster and use it as an ornament for your tree. Each year, he can put his hand in the print to see how much he’s grown.

Get cute Christmas pajamas.

Get your little one a pair of holiday-themed PJs just for Christmas Eve. (She’ll only wear them once, so no need to spend a lot!) They’ll make the night even more special, and look adorable for Christmas morning photos.

Two words: Christmas card!

Now that you’re a parent, this is the year you can officially start taking family photos for your Christmas card. Go all out with a silly theme (Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Baby Elf?) or keep it traditional with everyone dressed up in front of the fireplace.

Pick an adorable stocking

You’ll be pulling this Christmas stocking out of the decorations box every year from now until forever, so pick out a good one!

Take tons of photos.

They don’t need to be fancy or posed—just snapshots of your baby participating in the activities that make Christmas truly special, like baking cookies with Grandma. And don’t forget to print them out and stick them in a real photo album. These pics shouldn’t get lost on your hard drive!

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