9 Best Gifts For Grandparents

9 Best Gifts For Grandparents 1Whether it’s their first go-round or they’re old pros, grandparents tend to revolve their lives around grandchildren. They share pictures. They talk incessantly. They spoil with gifts and shower with affection. They’re givers. Indulge the grandparent you know with some perfect gifts — that will also help them cherish their favorite role in life.

Serving Tray 

This 12×12 inch Clear Sturdy Acrylic Serving Tray with handles is perfect for serving coffee, appetizers, breakfast, or could be used as a kitchen countertop tray, makeup drawer organizer, vanity table tray, or decorative tray.


For growing grandchildren, these “smittens” are a lovely gift for the sentimental grandma or grandpa. They’re practical to have on hand for those early, cold-weather exploration walks — and with hands locked inside the mittens, little ones won’t wander far from a grandparent’s warm touch. (smittens.biz)

Silhouette Ornaments 

Just in time for the holiday season, you can head over to Lasso Creations’ Etsy shop get silhouette ornaments made for grandma and grandpa. How adorable will all of their grandkids look hanging from the tree this year? ( etsy.com)

Digital Camera 

For the new grandma or grandpa wanting to treasure every memory, an easy-to-use, lightweight digital camera is a safe bet for a gift. The point-and-shoot style of this Sony model removes the fuss over extra bells and whistles — so grandparents can actually enjoy the moment while they capture it for later.

Coffee Mugs 

Coffee mugs are always a cute gift, especially when they offer a nod to being a super-rockin’ grandparent. Maybe stash their favorite coffee roast inside, and give away. One for grandma, one for grandpa. Done.

Letter Book Set 

When her mother passed away, artist Whitney Scott Biggs discovered tons of letters, notes, odds and ends that were left behind. She cherished them, and wanted others to have the same experience. Thus, this treasure book was born! Grandparents can write letters and lessons to their grandchildren, so they’ll have their wisdom and memories for years to come — even long after they’re gone. (uncommongoods.com)

Photo Book 

Ideal for grandparents who can’t stop proudly sharing photos of their grandkids, Blurb allows you to design cool photo books to fill with memories. From a simple 20-page picture book to an elaborate hardcover keepsake, there are plenty of options for any grandparent and price point. (blurb.com)

“Garden of Love” Necklace 

Although a grandmother would probably love just about any jewelry item you give her, this handmade “Garden of Love” necklace is perfect to commemorate her family. The piece’s contrasting gold and silver elements also mean that it’ll play well with all other accessories in her collection. (uncommongoods.com)

A Grandparent Book 

The Gifts of Being Grand is a delightful and charming gift, especially if the grandparent in your life is new to the gig. Written as a bit of a lyrical poem with child-like pictures to match, it’s not a heavy read. Instead, it’s a simple reminder that grandparents are oh-so “grand” indeed.

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