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No one said breastfeeding—especially once you start pumping—was a cakewalk. But the breastfeeding benefits are totally worth it (for your baby and you), and having the right arsenal of products makes life a whole lot simpler.

Maximize milk flow

While most breast pumps have two rhythms to express milk, the Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump has three options for maximizing milk flow and comfort. Also a plus: The base, which can be powered by AC adapter or batteries, is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go.

Ease expression pain

Twenty-three percent of moms stop nursing within the first three months due to pain, but the double electric Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump aims to ease expression. Cushions and soft silicone petals help make shields more comfortable, while the accompanying Natural Bottle is designed for success switching between bottle and breast.

Keeping it simple

For quick trips out when you might need to express a little milk, take along the single, hand-powered Evenflo Advanced Manual Breast Pump. Super-affordable, it’s compact enough to toss in your handbag.

For storage

When storing breast milk, your freezer can quickly become a disorganized mess. Keep the self-standing, leak-proof NUK Seal ’n Go Breast Milk Bags in order by date with the smartly designed NUK Milk Storage Rack. Simply place your just-pumped supply in the top and remove the oldest from the bottom when it’s time to feed.

Cool tote

If you’re pumping, you have enough to haul to work already without adding a bulky insulated bag to the mix. The Built NY Convertible Lunch Cooler folds flat when empty, and later you can open it up when you have full bags or bottles—yet it’s still a completely unassuming way to carry around breast milk.

Purifying pack

Need to disinfect pump parts or bottles on the go? Slip them inside a reusable Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bag, toss it in a microwave and you can get the job done in just three minutes, no bulky sterilizer necessary.

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