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Lots of people complain that it’s hard to shop for dads. After all, men frequently say they “don’t need anything.” However, with new dads, don’t believe the myth. There are a slew of products he’ll suddenly need once he’s welcomed a new baby into the mix, both for sanity and practicality. Line his freshly-minted parent arsenal with any of these gifts for new Dads.

Dad’s Playbook

For the sport-loving dad, give him some fatherly advice he’ll actually take to heart with Dad’s Playbook — including wise words from the best coaches of all time, like John Madden and Vince Lombardi. Through the familiar lens of sports, nuggets of wisdom about the scary new world of parenting are suddenly so much easier to understand…

Smart Baby Monitor

Get personalized insights into baby’s sleep, diapering and feeding patterns with the Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor + Sleep System. An award-winning smart monitor and sleep system that helps dad, and family rest easier.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Just like new moms, new dads need peace and quiet from time to time. Gift him some mental space with a great set of noise-canceling headphones. Whether he’s trying to get work done or simply take a break, this  is just what he needs.

Personalized Family Poster

Yes, there will be lots of baby photos in the days to come, and you could always give a new dad a picture frame. However, a fun personalized family poster is wall art that commemorates the birth of a whole new family — and he can still hang it up at work or in a home office, just the same.

The Tile App

New dads have a ton of their plates, and not everyone is great at multitasking. Take a little bit off his mind with The Tile App. How does it work? A little chip is connected to an app on your smartphone. Toss the “tile” in a diaper bag, attach it your keys, or stick it in a wallet. If you lose whatever you attach the chip to, the Tile app will track it down.

Pocket Nanny

Frazzled? He probably is. First-time fatherhood tends to be pretty high-stress. So he doesn’t forget anything important, especially when mom is away from the nest, give him the Pocket Nanny. Not only does this little tool include timers for things like feedings, naps and medications, but it also has special features like a nightlight to navigate a dark nursery.


Give a new dad the perfect sanity break with a golf getaway! (Or the equivalent, in card- form, which he can cash in whenever.) The Go Play Golf  Gift Card can be used at over 5,000 golf courses across the United States, can be sent traditionally or online… and is basically a man’s dream gift.

Coffee Mug

A “Dad mug” is kind of like an initiation gift to parenting, so welcome new dads to the club with this witty little gem of a cup. And since he’ll be getting a lot less sleep in the days to come, the caffeine-administration device is a totally practical gift, too.

Dad Diaper Bag

Diaper bags aren’t exactly the coolest items to tote, so a new dad will totally appreciate this kid carryall that’s essentially just a “backpack” with all the necessary components for baby — from a changing pad to bottle compartments. He can wear it on his back when he leaves the house, or attach it to a stroller to give his shoulders a short reprieve.

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