The 10 Best New Toddler Books

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Reading with your toddler not only strengthens their literary skills, but can help instill a love of books that will last a lifetime.

While most children learn to read by age 7 (check out our list of literary milestones to see if you child is on track), it is NEVER too early to introduce books to your tot. Starting from birth, you should try to make reading time a part of your daily routine.

To recognize the books and authors that support childhood literacy, and excel in celebrating the joys and challenges of childhood, the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are handed out each year to the best books in the category.

With the help of the 2008 Moonbeam winners, we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 best new toddler books you should be reading with your little one right now. Click HERE to see the books!

*Books target 4-8 year-old interest levels.

Incorporate these great books into your daily reading routine.

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