Photo: Julie Toy; Stylist: Jennifer Flanagan

For Ages: 1- to 4-year-olds
Time: 10 minutes, plus drying time

What You’ll Need

* nontoxic liquid fabric paint in desired colors
* paper plates, pie plates or other fl at containers
* anything from standard pillowcases to small or even large decorative pillows made out of plain cotton or muslin fabric
* bowl of water for rinsing between colors
* towel for drying hands

What to Do

1. Pour fabric paints into plates.

2. Lay out pillowcases or pillows close to plates, and set the bowl of water and towel.

3. Have your toddler practice first. Ask her to keep her fingers spread as you help her place a hand flat in the desired color of paint and hold it flat against pillowcase/pillow so a clear, complete handprint is transferred to the fabric.

4. Clean your child’s hand in the bowl of water and dry it with the towel.

5. Repeat with various colors of paint to create desired pattern or decoration.

6. Let paint dry.

7. Wrap up as a cherished gift for Grandma and Grandpa, or let your tot enjoy them as decorations for her own bed.

Preserve your toddler’s little handprint on pillows.

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