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Baby photos are always great (those chubby cheeks! And the sweet, soulful gaze!), but if there’s one thing that makes them even better, it’s super silly faces. Check out our top 10 picks!





A little silly, but oh-so-sweet. Have you ever seen a better smile?

Image: topfunnythings.com{pagebreak}

So THIS is the little diva that invented kissy face pictures.

Image: graphics99.com{pagebreak}

It almost looks like she’s thanking Heaven for creating something as delicious as chocolate chip cookies, no?


Image: faceriot.wordpress.com{pagebreak}

Wait, no! THIS is the baby that invented kissy face pictures.


Image: funnypictures24.com{pagebreak}

I’m exhausted, and I need to take a nap NOW!


Image: cutebabypictures.org{pagebreak}

We wish we knew what this tot was thinking. It must be mind-blowing!


Image: sukasukadotcom.blogspot.com{pagebreak}

Adorable! Don’t you just want to grab those chubby cheeks?


Image: indulgy.com{pagebreak}

OMG, there’s still more food, right?!


Image: pelauts.com{pagebreak}

There are no words!


Image: faceriot.wordpress.com




Woah, these glasses make everything look CRAZY!


Image: funny-comedy-pic.blogspot.com.


Look no further! Here’s your daily dose of baby photos to make you LOL.

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