15 True Mom Confessions

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We love these real confessions from moms filled with more of these funny, poignant, and painfully true declarations. As told by real moms…

15 True Mom Confessions

  1. My son knows he’s not allowed downstairs until 9 AM. He wakes up, calls down to let me know he’s awake, goes potty and then climbs back in bed with a few toys. Reason why? He’s been told that between 8 AM and 9 AM, Mommy’s fighting the monster that lives in the laundry basket.
  2. It’s been one of those days. I just ate a full pint of Häagen- Dazs, and when my three year old asked me what I was eating, I told her it was special medicine for mommies because I didn’t want to share.
  3. I just found out a week ago that I have breast cancer. I have not told anyone. Not even my husband. And I don’t think I will be able to let my kids know.
  4. Maybe it’s wrong, but I judge other moms by how clean their kids are . . . dirty kid = bad mom. Is it seriously that hard to break out a wipe and take the crud off of your kid’s face?
  5. I flush the toilet (in the guest bathroom) when my husband is taking a shower because I resent the fact that he actually gets any time alone without the kids bothering him. I know he gets a shot of cold water because he screams. I smile.
  6. I’m sick of the fact that every conversation I have with my friend is really a competition to see who has the smarter kid.
  7. To get alone time in my house, I tell my husband I have to poop, when I really don’t. I shut and lock the door, and play a few rounds of hand- held Yahtzee.
  8. My “me time” is this: strap the kids in their car seats, drive through Starbucks, drive around town while the kids sleep, look at big magnificent houses and dream of the day I might live in one. Sigh.
  9. My son is six months old and I still don’t trust my husband with him alone for more than an hour.
  10. I sometimes fantasize about getting divorced just so I could have every other weekend off.
  11. The real reason we can’t go to play at your friend’s house is because the mommies don’t play well together.
  12. I hate my mother- in- law. I pretend that I’ve forgiven her for the horrible things she’s said and done, but deep down I know I’ll never really forgive her.
  13. Whenever my husband is really late coming home, I wonder if he’s been in an accident and then I think about all the things I could do with his life insurance money. That’s usually when I hear his key in the door and I feel both guilty and slightly disappointed at the same time.
  14. My DH and I had an eighteen- month- old and decided that we would try for number two. Much to our surprise, we got pregnant right away. At eight weeks, I had a miscarriage. I was grateful. At the time I was not ready to start on the road to motherhood again. Now, we have a four- year- old and a one- year- old. The two are a perfect pair and I feel that the loss was meant to be. I have never told a soul that I was glad to have miscarried.
  15. I wish my son were as smart as other kids.

Can you relate to these? And do you have any of your own mom confessions? If so, share with other moms by clicking on the social icons to the left of this article..happy confessing!

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