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Even celebrities such as Jessica Simpson struggle with postpartum weight loss, but a once-taut body doesn’t have to be something of the past. Below are a few tips from the creator of the Cinch Tummy Wrap for new moms, the band specialist Charlene Williams, on how new moms can take control and get their bodies back on track.

Be patient and love yourself

You must treat yourself right. It took you nine months to nurture your growing baby, and getting your pre-pregnancy body back should take the same. In order to lose the excess pregnancy weight and keep it off, first understand that the initial weight gained right after pregnancy is different from weight gained during midlife when your metabolism slows down, or weight gained from consuming more fuel (food) than you burn. Practice patience and love yourself now and as you slim down.

Use a tummy wrap

Women have been wrapping the abdomen or belly following pregnancy for thousands of years. Traditional wrapping practices originated in Asia and Europe and usually involve long cotton cloth wrapped around the midsection following birth. As the new mother shrinks, the cloth is shortened and tightened. A newer version, The Cinch, can speed up the recovery of your body and offer support for your abdominal muscles. The band also acts as a hip shaper, provides back support, reduces air space so there’s less room for fat to deposit, and can help shrink your uterus and waistline.

Diet right

When you’re a new mother, your body needs maximum nutrition, so immediately dropping your caloric intake to an unreasonable level isn’t healthy, and may actually cause you to gain weight. Instead, keep healthy, nutrient-rich snacks handy and nosh when you feel hungry. This way, you’re filling up with foods that are light in calories and fat but keep you feeling full longer.

Drink up

The health benefits of water can’t be exaggerated. It prevents you from getting dehydrated, which is definitely a concern when breastfeeding, and fills you up so you don’t crave as many unhealthy food options. Eight glasses a day is still a good goal for water intake.

Work it out

Even if you don’t have the time or energy to start a full-blown workout schedule, you can begin with short 10- to 20-minute walks. Even pushing your baby in a stroller gets you out and moving – which can positively affect your overall mood as well.

Prioritize proper rest

Yes, it’s much easier said than done when you have a newborn at home. But don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner, family or friends. The old adage, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” is still great advice. Women who get at least seven hours of sleep are less likely to hold onto extra pregnancy weight than those getting less pillow time.


If you’ve never talked to a mom who’s lost her pre-pregnancy weight in one week, it’s probably because it doesn’t happen. But these tips will help you get your pre-pregnancy body back in a healthy, reasonable amount of time and reduce one of the many stresses a new mom faces. And in the end, being healthy is what’s best for you and your baby.


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