By Serena Norr
You’ve been given the green light that you are able to exercise again. Some moms jump at this opportunity to get more active, while others may want to take it slow to ease back into physical activity. Obviously, you will know what is best for your body but it can be exciting and a much-needed energy booster to get back to working out. We also know that this is an exhausting time as well as one that may be hard for you to make it to a gym. To combat any excuses, we have some simple, but effective tips to get moving again.
Here are some of the best exercises for postpartum moms:

Note: Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Sounds simple enough, huh? Walking is a fantastic and easy form for exercise that can actually start way before your six-month postpartum check-up.  This is also a great way for you to enjoy the outdoors with your baby and all you need is your two feet. You can vary it by putting your baby in a stroller or placing them in carrier. If your baby is in the stroller take a walk in your neighborhood for 30-45 minutes. During your walk, vary your exercise by pumping your legs with squats or forward-leg lunges.

Hand weights or dumbbells are a fantastic way to enjoy exercise while you tone your body. Using five to eight pound weights (depending on your strength), place them in your hands for a variety of exercises to tone your shoulders, arms and back. You can also vary these exercises with leg lunges in sets of three sets of 10.

Abdominal Work
You don’t want to kill yourself with intense abdominal work after your give birth (especially after a C-section). When you are ready, simple ways to tone can include work on an exercise ball where you stretch out your body and bring your entire body up for a gentle crunch. Repeat this for 30 times in three sets. This can also include more sets and variations by trying to reach your elbow to your opposite knee.

Baby Bounce
In the beginning, you may have a lot of excuses ranging from not having time to not having a babysitter. When your baby is around 10 weeks, you can incorporate them into your workout, which also doubles as a bonding experience. One option is to hold your baby in your arm and gently bounce them. As you bounce, lunge your legs forward and repeat. You can also incorporate this with squats. Another fun exercise is to play your favorite song and simply dance with your baby. This is also a fun bonding exercise while you are strengthening your legs.



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Simple yet effective tips to get moving again.

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